Covimat 205 TO

Viscosity measurement in tanks

The Covimat 205 is a proven viscosity meter that, when built into a manufacturing process, reliably determines the viscosity of a liquid 24 h 365 days a year. It provides you with measurement data without taking samples and thus without loss of material and time.

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Measuring Head

The measuring unit of the Covimat 205 contains the electronics,
which performs two functions:
– The motor makes the measuring body rotate at a preset speed.
– It measures the viscosity and outputs a corresponding analog signal.

The speed can be preset via a selector switch in 5 fixed steps or can be specified via an external control signal. The viscosity is measured by means of a torsion element. A standard 4-20 mA measuring signal proportional to the viscosity is output. This can be recorded or evaluated via a customer-supplied control system. The measuring head is explosion-proof according to ATEX.

Measuring System

The measuring system consists of a holding plate which is attached to the container. A rod is attached to this, which holds the measuring cup and the measuring body in the liquid. The measuring body is located in the foot part of the measuring rod (measuring cup) and is driven by an axis via a magnetic coupling. The outer ring of the rod foot forms the measuring system with the measuring body.

Measuring Body

By selecting the measuring body and the speed, the viscosity measuring range is adapted to the specific requirements (2 to 35,800 mPas at normal gear ratio). In addition to the standard cylindrical measuring bodies, special measuring body shapes (e.g. anchor measuring bodies) are also possible.

Fields of Application


Food Industry
Oils & Fuels
Production Line

Dive measuring systems

The Covimat 205 TO enables continuous measurement of the viscosity of flowable substances in vessels during the process or during product mixing or storage. The Covimat 205 TO is a rotational viscometer that is used as an immersion measuring device in a tank or pressureless vessel.
The measuring principle of a rotational viscometer is as follows: A measuring body rotates at a predetermined speed in the medium under test. The force with which the fluid brakes this rotation is a direct measure of viscosity.
Since the Covimat is a classic rotational rheometer, it measures viscosity independently of the density of the medium, unlike oscillating instruments or capillary viscometers. Density fluctuations do not influence the measurement.

This measuring principle is also used for viscosity measurement in the laboratory. This makes a direct comparison with measurement results of laboratory instruments easily possible. The measuring range is variable by selecting the measuring bodies and different speeds, so that all liquids or pastes that can be pumped, can be measured. All Covimat 205 process viscometers are explosion-proof and provide an output signal that is available as a process and plant control value.

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