Rheomat R120

Rheology for your pocket

The R120 viscometer is used to easily determine the viscosity of a wide variety of substances in laboratory and field applications and the instrument is supplied with 3 preset speeds. For viscosity measurements with the R120, the speed level is specified by the user. The shear stress or torque is measured and the R120 features easy operation and a wide measuring range.

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Accuracy: +/- 1% from actual measured value

Repeatability: +/- 0,2%

Viscosity range: 20 – 10.000.000 mPas

Speed: 5 – 1000 rpm

Weight: 0,6 Kg

Dimensions: 65 x 190 x 65 (W x H x D/mm)

Measuring Principle

The measurement of viscosity with the Rheomat R 120 is based on the SEARLE principle. The measuring body rotates at a speed(s) in a substance. The moment required to make the measuring body rotate at this constant speed is a direct measure of the viscosity of the substance.

Measuring Method

The sample can be measured directly in the container using the immersion method.This allows the exact determination of the instantaneous viscosity without sample loss.If the measuring tube is fitted with the appropriate sealing plug, small sample quantities can be thermostatted and measured.


Regular calibration according to the manufacturer’s specifications guarantees the reliability of the measured values.The measurement inaccuracy is less than 1% of the current measured value.We therefore recommend that calibration be performed once a year. An additional check with standard liquids can be performed and increases safety.

Measuring Systems & Equipment

DIN Measuring System

Special DIN standardized measuring systems in 3 different sizes, consisting of measuring body, measuring tube and sealing plug. Depending on the viscosity of the samples to be measured, 3 different sizes are supplied and allow comparable measurements under exactly constant conditions.

ISO Spindle Set

Relative measuring system for measuring substances with low viscosity. Consisting of 5 different sized spindles that can be used in any form of measuring cup and provide reliable results.

Anchor Stirrer

Relative measuring system for measuring substances with higher viscosity. Supplied in 4 different sizes and can be supplemented with a so-called centering aid.

Fields of Application

Oil & Fuels

For quick measurements in between

The R120 is a rotational viscometer. Its versatile range of measuring systems allows measurements according to DIN, ASTM, etc. using the immersion method or with a closed system. Measuring head and measuring system are always rigidly coupled.

A motor current measurement is used to determine the torque required to rotate the measuring body in the substance at a specified speed. The viscosity is calculated from this measured torque, the specified speed level and the measuring system used. The evaluation of the variables speed (n) and torque (M) is carried out according to DIN 53 019.

The viscometer is characterized by the simplest handling as well as a large measuring range and since only one measuring system is stored, errors in the selection of the measuring system are excluded and comparable measurements are simplified. Due to its handy fit and low weight, the R120 viscometer is an extremely versatile companion for quality assurance in the laboratory and production.

It can be used both classically in the stand and for immersion by hand.

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