Rheomat R190

The high-tech heavyweight of proRheo

The R190 is the flagship in the line-up with new swiveling color touch display and our most powerful series engine. Highest torque range, improved modern design, perfect usability and connectivity with a new USB port.

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Accuracy: +/- 1% from actual measured value

Repeatability: +/- 0,2%

Viscosity range: 20 – 10.000.000 mPas

Rotational speed: 5 – 1000 rpm

Weight: 2,55 Kg

Dimensions: 150 x 345 x 130 (B x H x T/mm)

Fields of application

The Rheometer R190 is particularly suitable for quality assurance in the laboratory and production thanks to its large swiveling display. A high torque range makes it a specialist for all different viscosity ranges.

Measuring principle

The R 190 is a classic rotational viscometer. The measuring body rotates in a fixed measuring tube and is driven by a motor. The substance to be measured in the measuring gap generates frictional resistance, which is recorded via motor current measurement. The result is the viscosity of the substance. The measurement is carried out in the immersion method or in a closed and thus temperature-controlled system.

Temperature detection

When determining viscosity, it is essential to record the temperature. This measurement is carried out by a built-in Pt100 temperature sensor, which is placed directly in the sample above the measuring gap.


Regular calibration according to the manufacturer’s specifications guarantees the reliability of the measured values. The measurement inaccuracy is less than 1% of the current measured value. In accordance with the DIN 53019 standard, calibration is performed gravimetrically at the manufacturer’s and we recommend renewing it once a year. An additional control with standard liquids can be carried out and increases the safety.

Measuring Systems & Accessories

ISO Spindle Set

Relative measuring system for measuring substances with low viscosity. Consisting of 5 different sized spindles that can be used in any form of measuring cup and provide reliable results.

DIN Measuring Set

Special DIN standardized measuring systems in 3 different sizes, consisting of measuring body, measuring tube and sealing plug. Depending on the viscosity of the samples to be measured, 3 different sizes are supplied and allow comparable measurements under exactly constant conditions.

Anchor Measuring Set

Relative measuring system for measuring substances with higher viscosity. Supplied in 4 different sizes and can be supplemented with so-called centering aids.

Fields of Application

Industry & Production
Coatings & Paint
Pharma Industry
Food Industry

New standards with the R190

As a further development of the popular R180, this device impresses with a modern design and a large, swiveling touch display that shows all values in high resolution and in color. The R190 combines the usual robustness with simplified operation and is perfectly suited for quality assurance in the laboratory.

Flow curves characterize the flow behavior of substances. The Rheomat R190 determines flow curves automatically or controlled via a PC. Up to fifty recorded rheograms are stored and then output our Rhesy software and, of course, measurement at constant shear stress is also possible.

The R190 is a digital, portable rotational viscometer based on a proven principle. The handling of our latest device is now even easier thanks to the large, color touch display. The powerful motor convinces even at high viscosities and makes the R190 the powerhouse among the rheomats.

Measurements and displays depending on the temperature are no longer a problem, thanks to the built-in PT100 sensor and the ergonomic grip allows complete flexibility in mobile use.

The R190 is versatile, robust and reliable and is used daily by large companies such as BASF Coatings.

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