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in dubio proRheo – If you are unclear about rheological issues: contact proRheo. This decision is always right when it comes to rheology. proRheo is the comprehensive specialist for all types of viscosity measurement. This means that proRheo exclusively offers products and services related to rheology. This makes proRheo unique in Europe. When it comes to viscosity measurement, we provide objective, competent and reliable advice. In most cases, our advice results in a long-term partnership with satisfied customers.

The phrase

Made in Germany

therefore still applies to every step of the production process with us

The company was founded in 1994 and dedicated itself to the production of viscosity measuring instruments. In the first years, devices for laboratory measurements as well as for measurements directly in the manufacturing process are developed, e.g. viscometers for glass melt measurement, cosmetic measuring cells, special viscometers for the production of chipboards, etc.

1996 takeover of the rheology division from Mettler Toledo. The worldwide support and service especially of the Rheomats 15 and 30, the Epprecht viscometers TV and STV and the Low Shear instruments LS 30 and LS 40 requires enormous commitment. In addition, the company’s own devices are being further developed: the first real hand-held device “BG Handy”, robots for automatic viscosity measurement and further measuring cells for the process viscometers, e.g. a measuring cell for inline measurement of water-based coatings. The company is renamed proRheo.

1999 proRheo continues to grow and moves into new company premises. Warehouse and manufacturing need space. Dealing with the internet expands the market presence – international contacts with dealers worldwide, to support customers directly on site and at proRheo ISO 9001 is implemented for the first time. The successful fulfillment of these requirements requires capacity and a lot of effort from the whole team. All measuring equipment, documents etc. comply with the standard.

2001 contract with Solartron Mobrey, which takes over the measuring cells developed by proRheo for the process viscometers and the worldwide distribution for them. proRheo distributes the process viscometers type Covimat exclusively in Germany and advises Solartron worldwide on the use of the devices. This cooperation enables proRheo to guarantee the service and consulting activities also for process viscometers worldwide with short response time. A measuring cell for use under hygienic conditions is developed and made ready for series production.

2003 Takeover of the Rheomats of the company Rheometric Scientific. After discussions with TA Instruments, proRheo takes over all rights and obligations of the Rheomats formerly manufactured by Rheometrics, Mettler or Contraves. This concerns the types Rheomat RM 115, RM 180, RM 260 and RM 265 as well as the cone-plate measuring station CP 400. The successor instrument Rheomat R 180 will be developed and manufactured in series. The proRheo dealer network grows and the share of exports exceeds the domestic business.

2005 proRheo can look back on several years with double-digit growth rates and this requires growth in personnel as well as in space. The development does not rest: the Low Shear Viscosimeter LS 300, which finds its application mainly in the medical environment and in the environmental area (e.g. water analysis), is designed. The Rheomat R 140 replaces the Handy and TV-STV instruments. Sales of process viscometers are expanded and cooperation with Solartron Mobrey is intensified.

2012 Susanne Keller and Mathias Erlenmayer become new managing directors and further establish proRheo on the international market. Especially the important connections to China and Japan are strengthened and the first Rheomat with touch display goes into series production. The R190 thus combines the existing strong rheological foundation of the company with a modern implementation of the new technologies. The LS300 low shear viscometer is also now in use at universities and hospitals worldwide, underpinning the many years of development.

2023 promises to be the most successful business year so far and proRheo looks motivated into a promising future.

DIN EN ISO 9001 Certified

Continuity plays an important role in our company. The company headquarters in the northern Black Forest is known for its long tradition of precision mechanical workshops. Of these, selected companies are our long-standing suppliers. Likewise, continuity in our team is an essential aspect. proRheo sticks to the tried and tested: Every newly developed product is based on the experience with the predecessor products and incorporates their capabilities.

Made in Germany

We are a traditional company with roots deep in the beginnings of rheology and we share this know-how with our customers and also support them with small problems and difficulties.

We source all our parts from the region and place a very high value on manufacturing equipment that is not only highly accurate, but also robust and of high quality craftsmenship.

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