Highly sensitive measurements of low-viscosity media

Our high precision device for measuring liquids with very low viscosity – the LowShear viscometer LS300 is very popular in renowned university hospitals such as the University of Heidelberg and capable of analysing blood samples.

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Fields of Application

The Low Shear LS 300 is suitable for daily routine as well as for research and development:

– Medicine
– Biology
– Chemistry and Pharmacy
– Polymers
– Food Industry

Sample Substances

– Blood and blood plasma
– Tear fluid, sputum, etc.
– Joint fluid
– Mineral oil products and substitutes
– Emulsions, suspensions and solutions
– Paints and varnishes
– Detergents

Sample Volume

Depending on the measuring system, the volumes vary between 0.07 – 2.4 ml.

Measuring Range

Viscosity 1.5 * 10-3 to 6 * 106 mPas
Shear rate 3.5 * 10-3 to 2.5 * 102 s

Measuring Systems & Accessories

Low Shear Measuring Systems

Measuring bodies and the associated measuring cups for investigations of small sample quantities at the lowest shear rates.

DIN Measuring Systems 1.1

Standard accessories when ordering the LS300 consisting of measuring body and measuring cup.


By connecting a Julabo thermostat, the measuring cylinder of the LS300 can be cooled or heated.

Fields of Application

Oil & Fuels

For use at universities and hospitals

What does Low Shear mean?
– Low Shear measurements allow the rheological investigation of substances
with low stress on the internal structure (e.g. erythrocyte accumulation)
– without alteration of the molecules in polymer solutions
– without further effort for measurement very low viscosity (e.g. gases)

The LS 300 measuring unit consists of a measuring head, a
control unit with screen, keyboard and mouse, so that the LS 300 can be operated completely via this control unit. The viscosity values are automatically calculated, displayed on the screen during the measurement, all measurement data are stored and are protected against manipulation. Connection to a commercially available cryostat is possible.

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