Covimat 205 DD

Viscosity inline measuring systems in paint production and processing.

The Covimats 205 DD and DD+ are rotational viscometers designed for low viscosity media and specifically for paint applications.

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The Covimat 205 DD is specially designed for viscosity measurement during production and for low-viscosity media. It is particularly frequently used for coatings and paints, e.g. in the automotive industry.

Measuring Head

The measuring unit of the Covimat 205 contains the electronics, which performs two functions:
– The motor makes the measuring body rotate at a preset speed.
– It measures the viscosity and outputs a corresponding analog signal.
The speed can be preset via a selector switch in 5 fixed steps or can be specified via an external control signal. The viscosity is measured by means of a torsion element. A standard 4-20 mA measuring signal proportional to the viscosity is output. This can be recorded or evaluated via a customer-supplied control system.
The measuring head is explosion-proof according to ATEX.

Measuring Cell

The double gap viscosity measuring system DD+ is designed by a bearing-free aligned rotating body with the largest possible surface, especially for thin-bodied materials that require a high measuring resolution. It is specified with a maximum flow rate of 500 l/min at 35 mm maximum nominal connection size for use in main lines of large paint mixing plants. The measuring range and resolution can be specifically adapted by changing the speed.

Measuring Body

By selecting the measuring body and combining different inserts, the viscosity measuring range is adapted to the specific requirements (1 – 13,200 mPas).

Fields of  Application

Production Lines
Food Industry
Oils and Fuels

Quality assurance in paint and varnish production

Since the Covimat is a classic rotational rheometer, it measures viscosity independently of the density of the medium, unlike oscillating instruments or capillary viscometers. Density fluctuations do not affect the measurement.

The Covimaten DD and DD+ meters allow you to continuously measure viscosity in flow according to DIN 53019 during product processing and manufacturing.

The measurement can take place in the main product line, or in the bypass for very high product flows.

The measuring principle of a rotational viscometer is as follows: A measuring body rotates at a given speed in the medium under investigation. The force with which the fluid brakes this rotation is a direct measure of viscosity. This measuring principle is also used for viscosity measurement in the laboratory. This makes it easy to make a direct comparison with measurement results from laboratory instruments. The measuring range is variable by selecting the measuring body and specifying different rotational speeds.
All Covimat 205 process viscometers are explosion-proof and provide an output signal that is available as a process and plant control value.

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