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Technical know-how and innovation around viscosity

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proRheo – your specialist for all questions concerning viscosity

As a manufacturer of rheometers for laboratory and process, we deliver our devices, made in Germany, all over the world. Our strength is our high professional competence and our well-developed dealer and service network worldwide.

Quality guarantee: handmade products from the Black Forest

Since the company was founded in 1994, we have been designing and building viscometers here in the Black Forest and are specialists for all questions concerning viscosity in industry and science.

More than 5000 process & laboratory rheometers from proRheo work reliably in 36 countries and we have made it our business not only to supply our customers with high quality and durable viscometers, but also to support them with our many years of experience and personal service.

We are a traditional company with roots deep in the beginnings of rheology and we share this know-how with our customers and also support them with small problems and difficulties.

We source all of our parts from the region and place a very high value on manufacturing equipment that is not only highly precise, but also robust and of high quality workmanship.

So the words Made in Germany still applies to every step of our work process and we are very proud of that.

Continuity plays an important role in our company. The company headquarters in the northern Black Forest is known for its long tradition of precision mechanical workshops. Of these, selected companies are our long-standing suppliers. Likewise, continuity in our team is an essential aspect. proRheo sticks to the tried and tested: Each newly developed product is based on the experience with the predecessor products and incorporates their capabilities.


Rotational viscosimeters developed and produced in Germany.

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Heating and cooling your samples for the best possible rheological results.

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Whether calibration, maintenance or training, we are at your side in every situation.

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Our Clients & Partners

Japan: new partnerships arise

Known for manufacturing air purification equipment, Airtech has now become one of our closest partners and will cover distribution in Japan.

We are proud of the trust and look forward to the new support from Fumihiko Yonezawa and his competent team from Tokyo.

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Sales Representative

For Japanese sales, we are working exclusively with Nishikawa from Tokyo and are very pleased about this new partnership.

The experienced sales team led by President Tanaka will be responsible for both the sale and servicing of our devices.

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Reliable Service

The longevity and reliability of our viscometers are particularly close to our hearts. That is why we offer a wide range of services to assist you in any situation.

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Made in Germany

All suppliers come from the south of Germany and every viscometer passes through our hands at our headquarters in Althengstett in the Black Forest.

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Technical article from the University of Heidelberg

Our high precision device for measuring liquids with very low viscosity – the LowShear viscometer LS300 is very popular in renowned university hospitals such as the University of Heidelberg and capable of analysing blood samples.

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DIN EN ISO 9001 certified

For the development, manufacturing and calibration of viscometers.

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What methods are there?

Rheological product knowledge plays a role in every manufacturing process. Is it worth having your own laboratory with specially trained staff? What relevant knowledge can be gained from rheological testing for this specific manufacturing process? This raises the question for the user: Which rheometer or which measuring. proRheo is equipped with all types of rheometers and can therefore carry out all the necessary tests and advise you on the right equipment for you.

What does viscosity mean?

Viscosity is the measure of the internal friction of a liquid. This friction occurs when a layer of liquid is set in motion relative to another layer. The greater the friction, the greater the amount of energy required to create the motion, referred to here as shear. Shear occurs when the liquid is physically moved, e.g. when it is poured, applied, sprayed, mixed, etc. Highly viscous liquids require more energy to move than less viscous liquids.

The determination of viscosity is important for estimating the lubricating properties of lubricants.

The word viscosity goes back to the typically viscous juice of the berries in the plant genus mistletoe (Viscum). Bird glue was obtained from such mistletoe. “Viscous” means “viscous like bird glue”.

Why is viscosity measured?

Anyone at the beginning of their learning journey that leads to understanding rheological thinking will first ask themselves: “Why should I carry out a viscosity measurement?” The answer lies in the experiences of many people who have already carried out such measurements, demonstrating that they can provide valuable insights and predictions about the behavior of different products. These findings help to gain important insights into the effects of processing changes, formulation adjustments or ageing phenomena.

Rheological properties are often measured as part of quality control to ensure that each product batch meets the specified requirements with consistent quality. In this context, the flow behavior serves as an indirect measure of the consistency and quality of a product.

Another reason to investigate flow behavior is to draw direct conclusions about the processability of a substance. For example, a liquid with a high viscosity requires a higher pump capacity compared to a medium with a low viscosity. Understanding the rheological behavior of a medium is therefore particularly helpful when designing pumps and piping systems for production.

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