Rheomat R123

Our Beauty Expert was specially developed for the cosmetics and care industry.

The Rheomat R123 is designed and optimized for measurements of care products and cosmetics and, together with the associated VT measuring bobs, offers a perfect solution for samples with higher viscosity.

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Measurement accuracy: +/- 1% of the current measured value

Repeatability: +/- 0.2%

Viscosity range: 20 – 10.000.000 mPas

Rotational speed: 62,5 min-1

Weight: 2,35 Kg

Dimensions: 100 x 300 x 135 (W x H x D/mm)

Fields of Application

The Rheomat R123 viscometer is a complex modification of the R140 and is specially optimized for measuring the viscosity of care products such as creams and lotions. Combined with special measuring systems, it is therefore perfectly suited to measure products with higher viscosity, because constant consistency is particularly important in this industry.

Measuring Principle

The Rheomat R 123 determines viscosity according to the Searle principle: a measuring body rotates in a stationary measuring cup filled with the sample. The force exerted by the sample against the rotation is measured and converted into viscosity in the microprocessor of the Rheomat 123. The special VT bells with measuring cup and centering aid facilitate the work here.

Measuring Method

The sample can be measured directly in the container using the immersion method. Advantages: Exact determination of the instantaneous viscosity, no decanting of the sample, minimal sample loss. If the measuring tube is fitted with the appropriate sealing plug, small sample quantities can be tempered and measured.


Regular calibration according to the manufacturer’s specifications guarantees the reliability of the measured values. The measurement inaccuracy is less than 1% of the current measured value. In accordance with DIN 53019, calibration is performed gravimetrically by the manufacturer. This should be renewed once a year. An additional check with standard liquids can be carried out and increases safety.

Measuring Systems and Accessories

VT Measuring System

Measuring body unit of the VT02 measuring systems, which were specially developed for determining the viscosity of viscous media. They are available in 3 different sizes and can be used flexibly, depending on the sample quantity.

VT Measuring Cup

Special measuring cups for use in combination with our VT measuring bells for effortless viscosity determination of care and beauty products.

VT Centering Aid

The centering aid facilitates the immersion of the VT measuring bodies in the specially designed measuring beakers. Simply position it between the beaker and the measuring body holder and carry out the measurement.

Fields of Application

Cosmetics and Beauty
Food Industry

The secret weapon of cosmetics giant Beiersdorf AG

Rotary rheometer for measuring viscosity with VT02 measuring systems. The Rheomat 123 combines the proven and exact measuring technology of proRheo’s rheomats with the simplest handling and clearest display. Based on the R140, this instrument has been modified and optimally adapted for quality control in the manufacture of care and cosmetic products.

The measurement is started by pressing the “Point” key. The input of the used measuring system and the desired shear rate is sufficient and the measurement starts. The shear rate can be changed at any time during the measurement. Thus, it is possible to observe the change in viscosity as a function of time as well as to determine the viscosity as a function of different shear rates.

In the R123, the measuring body rotates at a constant speed (n = 62.5 min-1) in a substance. The torque required to make the measuring body rotate at this constant speed is a direct measure of the viscosity of the substance. The extensive system spectrum enables viscosity measurement of a wide variety of samples.

The Rheomat 123 is used to determine the dynamic viscosity of liquids. This rotational viscometer has been reduced to the essential functions and can therefore be used quickly anywhere.

The integrated memory is powered by a separate lithium battery and saves your presettings, such as last measuring system used, shear rate and dialog language. This guarantees that you do not have to preset anything for repetitive routine measurements.

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